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design, curation
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I believe that the library in its current form, as a collection of books arranged within an anonymous space, is fading and transitioning into something that resembles more of a community media center. This project questions this transition and the effect of loosing the physical tactile experience and movement through the library. When the experience is reduced to a computer mediated search experience, intuitive way finding and building of ideas from serendipitous relationships will disappear.

In reaction to this potential transition, I wanted to create an exploratory way-finding experience where participants use the library in its current form. Aided by a workbook and guidebook, this project encourages participants to invent their own search mechanisms influenced by both analog and digital systems.

This project focused not on the structure of the library system, but on behavior and imaginative movement through the library. In developing this project it is important to note that I did not want to re-organize the library, nor impose my order on a system already historically ordered. I did not seek to act as an expert to make connections for people. As a designer, I aim to propose new ideas and suggest alternative approaches to everyday behaviors. By providing a framework for atypical search methods within the library, my goal was to expand the opportunity for participant to reframe already existing subject matter by intuitively generating new relationships between ideas.